dinsdag 14 mei 2013

shoe shop

As I already told you guys, I am looking for the perfect pair of summer shoes. That was not really that easy, until I came across the website of Topshop. When I looked there, all the shoes were amazing, and they weren't all black!
I already showed a few black shoes that I like, so today I am going to show the colourful shoes (and one white shoe).

There all from Topshop:

111,00 euro

42,00 euro

36,00 euro

39,00 euro

23,00 euro

maandag 13 mei 2013

the pyjama pants

Here are the things that I got from the vintage store a few days ago. My dad called the pants a pyjama pants, I have to agree with him, it feels just like a pyjama and it looks just like a pyjama. But that makes fashion fun right? I can walk, with my pyjama pants on, across the street and nobody would care because I wear it with confident.

zondag 12 mei 2013

Black step

I really need new summer shoes. The only shoes that I got are high heels, the kind of heels that you can't walk a hour on, and closed shoes. I like to have summer shoes who are flat and open, but that seems harder to find then I thought it would be. The only shoes that I liked were black, and black is a colour that is too much represented in my shoe closet. For the people who like black as much as I do, I had the decency to put my favourites in this post.

From H&M, for 59,95 euro.
You can find it here.

From Gina Tricot, for 34,95 euro.
You can find it here.
From Market HQ, for $199.
You can find it here.

zaterdag 11 mei 2013

Thrift shop

I went to a vintage store that I really like, just to look around. Everybody knows that if you go just to look around, you end up with an empty wallet and a bag full of stuff. That is what happened with me.
I bought a dress and a pants, that I will show you in my next post (this way I have to post again soon).
I wanted to share a youtube channel with you guys in the theme of thrift hauls.

The channel is called, 'Katerine Thrifts'.
I think her thrift finds are amazing and I wish I could find stuff like that, in my thrift stores.

above is the link to her channel.