zondag 29 juli 2012

long time no see

I know, I know. I should tell you guys sooner that we already been to Salatiga and right now we make sure that we got everything so we can go to Bali. We are now in Surabaya. I have to say that there wasn’t much to tell you so that was what kept me from posting.

 Monday 23 July:

We gone from Yogyakarta with a little bus to Salatiga. Salatiga is the hometown of my grandparents. You could feel that my grandparents were looking forward to seeing their hometown. In the car they couldn’t stop talking about the past. The first impression of the hotel was, beautiful. You see this amazing chandelier(we have pictures).
Tuesday 24 July:
Some more family came for my grandpa and grandma. My brother, my mother, my dad and I went for a swim in the pool. The pool was empty except for us. The hotel was almost empty. At least that was how it looked like. I didn’t mind. The sun was shining, I was completely burned, but I loved swimming and sunning.

Wednesday 25 July:
It was the birthday of my dad. We wanted to celebrated it with cake and dinner. But the cake didn’t happen, he didn’t got a present yet because I forgot it at home…. Woops. But he did had a nice dinner and at the end of the day he told me that he had a good birthday. Just doing nothing. He hadn’t done that for a while, so he was pleased that he could do that on his birthday.

Thursday 26 July:
We needed to wake up earlier than we ever had to before. Because we were going to Surabaya. But we didn’t go with a plane but with a car. Only the drive from Salatiga to Surabaya was more than 8 hours. Because of the uneven road you couldn’t even sleep in the car. So to make a long story very short, we were tired when we got to the hotel in Surabaya.

Friday 27 July:
We gone to the mall with a funny little bus, a local bus. It was such a nice experience. I think that something so simple could be my favourite experience. It was by the way the biggest mall in Surabaya. You could definitely see that. My dad and I are really crazy about a game on the android. It’s that you need to guess the brands. Now, right there we could find almost all of the brands. We had allot of fun just window shopping and finding the brands we didn’t knew.

Saturday 28 July:
We got again some family visits. This was the last time but it was also one of the greatest. I really got to know a few people. Which was surprising because with the other family visits they all talked Indonesian, which I don’t understand. But this time allot of them talked in English so I could follow what they were talking about.

Sunday 29 July:
And then the time in Surabaya was over. In the evening we took a flight to Bali. There is nothing more to tell you…

Monday 30 July:

I know it’s still in the morning but I wanted to tell you how my awakening gone. After a good night rest I woke up with the sound of rain. There was no sun yet and I taught to myself, please don’t do this to me. Please let this be just ones. Right now the sun shines a little bit but not fully. So I’m a  bit scared that this wouldn’t be the last time that it rains here.  

zaterdag 21 juli 2012

so much

Let me think what I need to tell you....

first real day in Yogyakarta:

I already told that we had a day off so I did nothing. Just reading, watching and a little bit walking through the Malioboro.

Borobudur day:

This whole vacation is an amazing experience the only downside right now is, in the morning there is breakfast from 6 till 10. So I can’t really sleep till noon if I want to have breakfast. That day was no different, we got up early and took the taxi to the Borobudur. My dad told me that when he and my mom were there twenty years ago there were no trees around it and there were still a lot of stones around the place because they weren’t finished building yet. Well when we came there nothing of what my dad said I saw back. There were trees and no stones around the area, at least not so much.

We also went to the Ramajana. That is a Javanese dance show in which they tell a story about a princess how got kidnapped by an evil monkey king and then get rescued, basically. Of course they tell much more but I was busy shooting photo’s so I haven’t really got an idea what really happened and what was important.


Yesterday we went to the Prambanan and we already saw that the day before, but then only the back and from far. It was a shame that we couldn’t really get in much of the temples because of an earthquake a few years ago. But it was still an amazing place. That night, when I was in the shower there was an electricity failure, it was funny because my brother gave a little scream.


We went searching for some silver beads for my aunt Josephien. That was pretty hard….  They had everything in silver accept from beads. After a long time searching my mom found them. The rest of the day we did nothing. It begins to be feeling more and more like a vacation. Tomorrow I can sleep till noon and then get some breakfast in one of the malls, just around the corner.

dinsdag 17 juli 2012


I will start telling you guys what happened over here in Indonesia.

 Family day:

Saturday we had a family meeting in Jakarta. I have to admit that I forgot most of the names already, so I can’t say who was there. But we met at the house of one of the aunts. It was such a pretty house from what I saw. There was already food on the table for the lunch and it smelled so good(yes, food was the first thing I needed to tell you).  The surprising thing was that there were actually people how could talk Dutch. My dad and mom already told me that there were some people how could speak Dutch, that’s from during the Dutch occupation. We sung and I got to know a few people how I called themselves aunts and uncles even though I heard later they weren’t really related.


The next day we drove to Bandung. Shang drove with us and his children. It was their last day of the vacation so they wanted to have something special. We ate at some sort of open air food court. Everybody had something different and we put it all on the table. You could take whatever you wanted. It was really good(and again I’m talking about food…). It was funny to be stared at, because of the fact that I am white and a redhead.

 The next day at Bandung:

In the evening we went to a good friend of the family. She is very old and has this big house with a restaurant connected. She got more restaurants under her possession. She was very friendly, still there wasn’t much for me to do because she couldn’t understand Dutch and she only talked to my grandma and grandpa.


Today we needed to pack again, because we went to the airport. When we got there(way to early), we heard that the plane had been delayed. So we were stuck on the airport for more than 3 hours. I survived by watching non-stop the TV episodes were I am addicted to the last few days, Merlin.

So that’s it for so far, tomorrow we got a day off. Just doing nothing, swimming and relaxing.
The foto's will not load so also today I can't show you pictures.

vrijdag 13 juli 2012

the first days

Sorry that I didn't post something yesterday. We found out that you needed to pay for internet, but in the lobby it’s free. So now I’m sitting in de lobby, typing and everybody looks at me and stares, some little girls giggle and old men whistle. It’s funny to see, it’s all because of the fact that I’m a redhead.

Wait, I wasn’t going to tell you that when I started this post. I wanted to tell you what we did the last two days.

First day of the real vacation:

A car was hired for us(by our cousin) and he also told the driver where he should bring us. In the car my mom told me what was on the planning. First stop would be the Taman Mini. It’s a place full of all different kind of type houses with in every house another culture that represents a part of Indonesia. The place is so big because of all the different cultures Indonesia has. And when you’re there, you want to see everything. With of course isn’t possible. The park is too big for that. So we haven’t seen that much of the park. It’s sad, I would have loved to see everything. Especially the place where my dad took a picture 20 years ago. I wanted to make that same picture just to show that one, I’m a better photographer and two, to find out of the place has been changed for over the last 20 years. But when we finally found the place where the picture was taken(with took us allot of time), we found out that we couldn’t take the picture because they closed a part of the park for a celebration of life. So we went to the car.

It was the plan to go to an orchard after the Taman Mini. But there was no time for that. With only can handy for us because everybody was tired.

Second day of vacation in Jakarta:

Today we needed to get up very early because we wanted to go to a safari but that was far from the place where we’re staying so we needed to drive allot. And that is exactly what we did all day. Sitting in a car. In the beginning everything was fine, we knew we needed to be allot in the car but we were fine with that. After three hours in the car I thought different. I wanted to get out so badly. But we weren’t there jet. When we got to the safari there was no way you could get out of the car, with in this case wasn’t bad at all. It was getting out of the car and get eaten of stay in the car and take pictures of the animals that walk loose there. I have to say that it was better and more fun then I first imagined. After the safari we went to the tea plantation. It was more for a pretty picture than really for having something to do, because there was nothing to do. When we wanted to get home we got stuck in the traffic. It took three hours to get there and it took more than 5 hours to get to the hotel again. After all that sitting and waiting in the car everybody wanted to do something for themselves. So I immediately grabbed the laptop and gone to the lobby.

I hope I will tell you tomorrow about the family day that we’re going to have.

first day pictures:

Second days pictures:
Will come later. It won't work right now, as I want it to work.

woensdag 11 juli 2012

Here we are!

When I'm writing this, I still hear the city loud and clear. It’s around half past nine in the evening, here in Indonesia. We don’t have internet jet, so when you read this it will probably be the next day.(It is) We flew the whole day. The first flight was to Dubai and from there we went to Jakarta. A cousin, from my mom, picked us up at the airport, he showed us a little bit of the big city and then brought us to a restaurant. I have to say, I was forgotten how good the food here tastes! Then he brought us to are hotel and the view is amazing! It is that I can’t make a good picture jet. But when I have a good picture you guys are the first who will see it.

That is what I wrote yesterday.

I have to say, I still can’t make a good picture of the view. So that has to wait, today is a sort rest day and recovering from the jetlag. We went to the mall, let me check the name for you, Mal Taman Anggrek. We haven’t seen that much in there, that was a bit my fault, I got a problem with getting over my jetlag. So we went back to the hotel and now everybody is asleep. Right now it is around three o’clock, but everybody is tired. I’m going to sleep for a little bit as well, so for today this was it.
 On are way to the first plane.

 My brother in the seat in front of me.

 My view.

And we are there!

zondag 8 juli 2012


I' m keeping it short because I still need to do allot of things for tomorrow. I want to tell you guys that I will be a long time on the plane and I’m not so sure where I got internet. So be prepared… I will try to blog every day and tell you guys about what I did that day or show you some pictures. But as I already said, I don’t know where I got internet. I’m going to be such a irritating tourist, who takes pictures of everything. J

zaterdag 7 juli 2012

Everything but me

It's almost there. In two days I’m going to Indonesia. I’m so exited. The plan was to still post there. But It would be allot less then what I do now. Still I’m going to try to post as much as possible. For now I’m not going to talk about how great I think it’s going to be, so I will introduce to you a person on lookbook, who I’m following and that I think is so good in knowing what she can and can’t wear. She really got her own style and isn’t afraid of showing it off. Masha Sedgwick. You might have her already on lookbook or you already know her. But I think she is amazing and everybody should know her.(Alright, I don’t know her as a real person, but I follow her all a long time….) She also got her own fashion blog, http://www.masha-sedgwick.net/  And she has an account on lookbook as I told.

Photo's : Lookbook.nu

vrijdag 6 juli 2012


This one is for my dance crew, because I’m better with words if they are written. I wanted to tell you guys that I really going to miss you and that this was an amazing experience. Today at Vondelpark was incredible. I’m glad that I could share that moment with all of you. While I’m writing this a started to cry, again. I feel so emotional, it’s so weird knowing that, that was are last performance together. I hope we see each other soon. It's so sad to know that I won't see you Tuesday or any other day of the week. I mean, we danced together for the past couple months every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Knowing that it came to an end is hard. I wanted to say so much more but even with words I can’t describe what I’m feeling right now. Talk to you soon.

donderdag 5 juli 2012


I asked a few opinions on a other site, girlscene.nl
Some people said they would like it more if I had a link to bloglovin. So I wanted to find out how I could do it. I'm still not really convinced that I get it. But I think that I need to put this link in my post....


And to make this a sort of normal post, I want to share a cute picture.

Photo: Weheartit

woensdag 4 juli 2012

The death of my brains

Right now, I don't know what to tell you guys. My brain is dead. Or at least the creative part. It’s because I worked this whole week on my drawing project for art. I will show you how ugly it is when I finish. Today I’m just going to show you a few shirts that are amazing(in my opinion).

dinsdag 3 juli 2012


For the first time I’m going to show you how my brains work. I know that sounds weird. And my brain is weird so that isn’t the problem, is it? When I see a picture of a person, I think of a story that could fit for the person or picture. What there background would be and where they going. What would happen to them in live. I know I got a strange brain….

But I thought it would be fun to do this every week. I show you guys a picture and tell you what my brain made out of it. Please tell me what you think about the picture and if you can imagine that what I was thinking behind the picture. Maybe I will put a description of one of you in the next article.

Photo: weheartit

There is a secret place, somewhere in the woods. And you know about it. You feel special and want to share it with people, but you can’t. If you tell anybody about it, bad things will happen. What is then so secret about this place? When you’re at the right spot, there is this long wire from one side throw the woods to the other side. You don’t know where it begins or where it stops. What you do know is that the drawings, hanging on the wire, are so detailed and so realistic. You also know why. The reason why they are so detailed and realistic is because they are memories. When you touch the drawing you get sucked into the memory. You can change the memory by just being there of by doing something. That is the big secret and also the reason you can’t tell anybody. They could do big harm to someone or change the whole world, just so they can have what they want.

I have to say it's a short story. Most of the time I can make a whole book out of my thoughts.
Tell me what you think about it and if you think I should do this more often.

maandag 2 juli 2012

Every day

In the introduction of my blog I wrote that I love to write and make poems. And today, in the waiting room for the Physiotherapist, I made a poem. It’s not my best work but I like to share it. Please don’t be scared that you will be eaten when you leave a comment. I really like to know what you think about the things that I write and show you guys. I want to hear some opinions.

Every day

every day can be different
every day can be the same
every day can be lovely
every day can be stupid
every day can be the first
every day can be the last

every day feels the same but different
every day has lovely and stupid moments
every day you have a first time and a last time

Alright, that was it. Hope you like it. Don’t hesitate to comment and give your opinion about it.

Photo: weheartit