dinsdag 25 december 2012

Demi ofcourse

I love Demi Lovato, she is a real role model. Every time I see her I think, she is amazing.
She looks so incredibly pretty!

dinsdag 11 december 2012

falling in love

I found a new song, or old song, a song that I didn't knew about and I am in love with it!
I'm also in love with a dress I found. It is expensive in my opinion because I get all my clothes out thrift stores. It still is a pretty dress......

The song:
Mattafix - living darfur

The dress:

You can find the dress here.

donderdag 29 november 2012

Janet Devlin

Janet Devlin is somebody that some of you may know....
That sentence was a little weird I know, but the thing is that Janet Devlin attended the X-factor UK in 2011.
I have lost track of her for a little while but I heard she has a new album coming up, so I'm excited!
I wanted to show you what makes her so amazing in my eyes.

This is her audition

And this is one she did on the show

Her style is also amazing and an inspiration for my.


zondag 25 november 2012

peep through the keyhole

Why I want this tattoo:

having the ability to change my life
just by changing the lock for mean people
feeling close but not closed
feeling open but not an open door
staying close to myself and my believes
just by closing the door for hateful remarks
having my secrets for myself
share them with someone who has the key

donderdag 22 november 2012

Velvet ways

I am a real sucker for Velvet. When I say I am a sucker for velvet I mean it in the extreme way. I love everything about it. Alright not everything, I don't like the fact that it makes your hair stand up straight when you take your velvet shirt of. But beside that, I like everything about it.

I wanted to show you different ways of styling velvet, but when I was looking around on the Internet I found out that the looks people made look a like. It is a lot of the time just a velvet legging with some boots or creepers and with a big sweater on top.
Personaly I would have gone for different shoes but over all I like the outfit. It is a good option to style a velvet legging.

There is an other way to style velvet that you see a lot. The velvet skirt comes in almost every look with velvet. I think it is an real statement piece. Your attention is immediately drawn to the skirt.
You got two different ways of styling the velvet skirt. You can do the grunge style. That is with a leather jacket or a denim jacket over a blouse. The blouse is mostly tucked in the skirt. You finish it of with creepers, dr Martens or some massive platforms.

I love the grunge style. It is close to my own style, so there are always things, of the grunge style, that I combine in my own outfits. My preference goes to the creepers and the blouse. Green velvet is not something that I would weare, green is not my color.

You got another look if we take the velvet skirt. That style is more girly and sweet.
You combine the velvet skirt with a blouse of a sweater. Then you probably think like, in the pervious outiftt is also a blouse. But that is a blouse combined with chains wich gives a bit more edgy feel to it.

zondag 18 november 2012

Youtube recommendation #2

Today I am going to do an other youtube recommendation. This youtube channel belongs to Tyler Ward.
He is an amazing singer and performer and his looks aren't bad either...
The music he makes always go through me and touches me. He can change my life and many others.
The link.

He is not the only one who sings at his channel. He got a lot of guests and he is on tour right now.
I can talk about him every day and every minute.
You really need to check him out!

dinsdag 13 november 2012

Youtube recommendation #1

I want to tell you guys about a youtube channel that I am following for a really long time now.
They (the channel is owned by two sisters) both have a great style and they show you that thrift stores aren't dirty. My own style matches more with the style of Stephanie but I like the way Melissa always find a way to interpretate new trends in her own outfit and style.

The channel is called: The Fashion Citizen.
This is the link.

Stephanie has also a blog that I follow:

I am not sure if Melissa has a blog so......

The one on the pictures is Stehpanie.

zondag 4 november 2012

too busy

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I had so many things going on. Tomorrow my exams begin and I am studying untill my brains die. So there isn't much to tell. But I found some pictures in that little free time a gave myself.

I'm in love with bag model : The satchel.
They are a little bigger then a normal purse, but no to big.
This way I can still hold it under my arm, without it being in the way. My notebooks can come with me everywhere I go because there is space enough.
I don't have a satchel yet, but it won't take long before I have addited want to my collection.

vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

She lived happily ever after

In a lost kingdom there is this palace. In this colossal castle still sleeps the sleeping beauty, her mom and dad, who fell asleep right as they walked into the castle, if you walk trough the main gate you’ll see them lying there on the floor. The thorns of the roses go over every wall in the palace, when you touch them you will fall asleep until someone kisses the sleeping beauty, so do not touch. While trying not to touch any thorns you’ll walk up the stairs, when you’re halfway you feel like you walked this stairs for a million times. Finally you reach the top, shoves the door open, which opens with much squeaking. You see her laying there, the most beautiful person you ever seen. The colour of her skin reminds you of the skin of a porcelain doll, it looks so equal and fragile. Her hair looks like it has been woven by angels, it falls like a waterfall around her face and makes her even more beautiful then she already was. There you stand, in the doorway not sure if you should be the one to kiss her or just run away because you are not worthy kissing her. Still doubting you walk slowly towards her, that beautiful monster holds you in her power, you keep looking at her and wondering why nobody has ever been here before. Then you realise that you are already by the bed and bending over her to give her a kiss. You are still in doubt but her beauty is so overwhelming that you couldn’t resist touching her lips with yours. When her lips touches yours heaven opens, there comes this warm feeling inside and you just want this feeling to never stop. As soon as the feeling came, the feeling went when your lips didn’t touch hers. With still that lovely feelings inside you open your eyes and sees that she opens her. Your pupils are getting larger and larger and you want to scream but it is too late. With bloodshot eyes she looks at you and puts her teeth into your neck.  

My version of the sleeping beauty. I didn't knew it would turn out into a vampire story but I like the twist at the end.

donderdag 18 oktober 2012

The higher the better

I was looking through some shoppingsites and I wanted to share some shoes with you guys, from the site http://shopmarkethq.com/ .

Heat Wave $139
I am in love right now with everything that shines but not sparkles if you know what I mean.
You can buy them here. But I have to say they are a bit pricy for my taste.

Honey - Black Smooth $69
These are more effortable and I have to say. This one is surtanly my favorite. It is simple elegant and just in a beautiful shape. The link.

Candi $69
I got this black heels obsession I think. No, I know it for sure.

woensdag 17 oktober 2012

free falling

Today I have a day off. My first thought was that I wanted to go shopping. It had been a while and there was nothing else to do. So I went to this vintage shop, I love vintage shops.... I bought two items, some people may say like, that’s not much, no it isn't but here in the Netherlands are the vintage shops pretty small. Not something that is good about The Netherlands. I love the shops people show on youtube when they are going thrifting but the stores that I go to are not even a third of what you see there, unfortunatly...
I went to two stores, I wanted to go to three, but after the second I got hungry and went home. : )

I already wrote about the first store, I bought two items there and three at the other store.

I'm going to show you guys a picture of the total and then I have some more pictures about a piece that I'm usually not going for. 

dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

I see sparks fly

With physics we had to do some experiments with electricity. Weird enough I had my camera with me and my teacher didn’t mind, that I took pictures. It was not weird that I had my camera with me because I almost never leave the house without, but I didn’t expected to hear from my physics teacher that he didn’t mind it…..

Here are some pictures the experiments, I’m not going to explain what we did, just enjoy the beautiful *kuch kuch* pictures.

A photo taking by a friend spontanious, I am not really happy with it but it got his charm, in a way, in a really weird way.....