zaterdag 23 juni 2012


Right now you are reading the introduction. That means, that you want to know why I started blogging or that you just didn't have anything better to do. Both reasons are good enough for me to keep writing. My English isn't that good so if you want to correct me, please do. That way I can learn and don't make that same mistake (I hope).
   The reason I started this blog is because I wanted to put my creativity somewhere. That argument was the main reason that I chose art in my section. It didn't turn out the way I hoped. I'm creative but not good at art. I had the ideas but just not the skills to put it on paper.
   This blog does have more subjects then just one. It’s not that I can’t talk for hours about fashion or poetry or photography but I really wanted to combine it. Because those subjects keep me up at night or keep me from focussing in class (partly I don’t want to focus so I start thinking about random things).
   In my posts will be allot of inspiration pictures and pictures of friends of mine. That has two reasons, reason one, I love the way the simplest things can be inspiring and second reason, that way I can practise my own photography skills. I’m a real amateur but I hear allot that I got potential so I’m just going to try and see of I can make it out of the amateur zone(witch I don’t really think).
   Tomorrow there is a festival near my house so I will have a look arround and make some photo's for here.

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