zondag 19 augustus 2012

Two weeks became one

As I already told you, I went to France with a friend of mine, Jet. I have to say she is amazing and her dad was so funny and nice. The first two days we stayed in this really cute hotel in Paris. It’s their standard hotel there. And it had this amazing location. It was just outside the heart of Paris but close enough to take the metro and be there in three stops. We did some side seeing because it was my first time in Paris, they already seen it al so they told me what they liked the most and showed me some things that were cool but not to touristic if you know what I mean. Then we went to a little camping, witch was a really long drive. And I forgot the name of where we were but it was near Figeac. The camping had this spot that was mind blowing. There was a river nearby and you could just swim there and you would be the only one in the water. Not because it was dirty because it wasn’t but because it was a spot that nobody knew. I took some great pictures there and Figeac was really nice. It’s a village that is for sure but it had such a nice atmosphere. Everybody was nice there and they all thought that we were France so they came up to us and talked in France, I have to say I’m bad with other languages besides English and Dutch so I didn’t understood a word they said, that made allot of people there laugh because I tried to explain in France that I couldn’t speak France. After a few days we went back to Paris for a day because there was just nothing to do at night on the camping. After the day in Paris we went home. I think Paris is amazing, I love being there and just looking at people and walking around. So I’m glad that my friend asked me to go with her.

These pictures where taking in Paris. In the next post you will see some photo's from the camping and Figeac.

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