donderdag 22 november 2012

Velvet ways

I am a real sucker for Velvet. When I say I am a sucker for velvet I mean it in the extreme way. I love everything about it. Alright not everything, I don't like the fact that it makes your hair stand up straight when you take your velvet shirt of. But beside that, I like everything about it.

I wanted to show you different ways of styling velvet, but when I was looking around on the Internet I found out that the looks people made look a like. It is a lot of the time just a velvet legging with some boots or creepers and with a big sweater on top.
Personaly I would have gone for different shoes but over all I like the outfit. It is a good option to style a velvet legging.

There is an other way to style velvet that you see a lot. The velvet skirt comes in almost every look with velvet. I think it is an real statement piece. Your attention is immediately drawn to the skirt.
You got two different ways of styling the velvet skirt. You can do the grunge style. That is with a leather jacket or a denim jacket over a blouse. The blouse is mostly tucked in the skirt. You finish it of with creepers, dr Martens or some massive platforms.

I love the grunge style. It is close to my own style, so there are always things, of the grunge style, that I combine in my own outfits. My preference goes to the creepers and the blouse. Green velvet is not something that I would weare, green is not my color.

You got another look if we take the velvet skirt. That style is more girly and sweet.
You combine the velvet skirt with a blouse of a sweater. Then you probably think like, in the pervious outiftt is also a blouse. But that is a blouse combined with chains wich gives a bit more edgy feel to it.

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