zondag 9 september 2012

Ready or not

Give me that Inspiration thingie.....

I read a column about inspiration and who it comes that some people write better than other people. Immediately my fingers began to tinkle and I wanted to write. But about what should I write? So I read the column again and again and I realised that I get inspiration from music, people, funny moments and from other stories. Just right now not about fashion. My thoughts are random but they don’t bring me to fashion. At least not fashion to write about.

I can write about what inspires me in fashion…
There is a very simple answer, other people. I got a few role models like: Cher Lloyd, my good friend Jet and some lookbookers. The not so simple answer, almost everything…. A colour combination that I see on the street, when a purple bike stands against a silver lantern or when Jet’s hair colour matches with a colour in the sky (Jet’s hair colour changes a lot). Or when I hear music and I imagine in my head a clip with the music, then I wonder what the main person would wear and I think of I can make a combination that looks like what I want the main person to wear. Movies can inspire me more than people will ever know. Especially the old movies, those girl movies like pretty in pink and desperately seeking for Susan. I love looking back at trends and then making it my own just because I know the trend is already over. Nobody would walk in that anymore because “That was so last season”.

I got my inspiration back, sort of, I know what I want to right for the next posts so I hope I can write a bit more often than what I do now.

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