vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

She lived happily ever after

In a lost kingdom there is this palace. In this colossal castle still sleeps the sleeping beauty, her mom and dad, who fell asleep right as they walked into the castle, if you walk trough the main gate you’ll see them lying there on the floor. The thorns of the roses go over every wall in the palace, when you touch them you will fall asleep until someone kisses the sleeping beauty, so do not touch. While trying not to touch any thorns you’ll walk up the stairs, when you’re halfway you feel like you walked this stairs for a million times. Finally you reach the top, shoves the door open, which opens with much squeaking. You see her laying there, the most beautiful person you ever seen. The colour of her skin reminds you of the skin of a porcelain doll, it looks so equal and fragile. Her hair looks like it has been woven by angels, it falls like a waterfall around her face and makes her even more beautiful then she already was. There you stand, in the doorway not sure if you should be the one to kiss her or just run away because you are not worthy kissing her. Still doubting you walk slowly towards her, that beautiful monster holds you in her power, you keep looking at her and wondering why nobody has ever been here before. Then you realise that you are already by the bed and bending over her to give her a kiss. You are still in doubt but her beauty is so overwhelming that you couldn’t resist touching her lips with yours. When her lips touches yours heaven opens, there comes this warm feeling inside and you just want this feeling to never stop. As soon as the feeling came, the feeling went when your lips didn’t touch hers. With still that lovely feelings inside you open your eyes and sees that she opens her. Your pupils are getting larger and larger and you want to scream but it is too late. With bloodshot eyes she looks at you and puts her teeth into your neck.  

My version of the sleeping beauty. I didn't knew it would turn out into a vampire story but I like the twist at the end.

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