zondag 7 oktober 2012

Today and Yesterday

Alright today and yesterday I took a lot of pictures, because I had my camera with me and because there was finally something to take pictures of.

I was hanging out with a few friends at a public place so there were a lot of people walking around there, and there was this other group that was hanging out there as well, there was this girl with purple hair and I really wanted to take a picture of that for you guys and then a friend of mine said that I should do a group photo so thats what happend.

I know the first guy on the left, he is a real sweetheart, I know the first girl on the left, also a sweetheart, than the boy and girl on the third of your right are the bigest sweethearts I ever met, they are like my best friends.

But besides the group photo, I made photo's of some shoes that passed me by and that I adore.

And just for fun, a picture I shot just because I was bored.

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