vrijdag 13 juli 2012

the first days

Sorry that I didn't post something yesterday. We found out that you needed to pay for internet, but in the lobby it’s free. So now I’m sitting in de lobby, typing and everybody looks at me and stares, some little girls giggle and old men whistle. It’s funny to see, it’s all because of the fact that I’m a redhead.

Wait, I wasn’t going to tell you that when I started this post. I wanted to tell you what we did the last two days.

First day of the real vacation:

A car was hired for us(by our cousin) and he also told the driver where he should bring us. In the car my mom told me what was on the planning. First stop would be the Taman Mini. It’s a place full of all different kind of type houses with in every house another culture that represents a part of Indonesia. The place is so big because of all the different cultures Indonesia has. And when you’re there, you want to see everything. With of course isn’t possible. The park is too big for that. So we haven’t seen that much of the park. It’s sad, I would have loved to see everything. Especially the place where my dad took a picture 20 years ago. I wanted to make that same picture just to show that one, I’m a better photographer and two, to find out of the place has been changed for over the last 20 years. But when we finally found the place where the picture was taken(with took us allot of time), we found out that we couldn’t take the picture because they closed a part of the park for a celebration of life. So we went to the car.

It was the plan to go to an orchard after the Taman Mini. But there was no time for that. With only can handy for us because everybody was tired.

Second day of vacation in Jakarta:

Today we needed to get up very early because we wanted to go to a safari but that was far from the place where we’re staying so we needed to drive allot. And that is exactly what we did all day. Sitting in a car. In the beginning everything was fine, we knew we needed to be allot in the car but we were fine with that. After three hours in the car I thought different. I wanted to get out so badly. But we weren’t there jet. When we got to the safari there was no way you could get out of the car, with in this case wasn’t bad at all. It was getting out of the car and get eaten of stay in the car and take pictures of the animals that walk loose there. I have to say that it was better and more fun then I first imagined. After the safari we went to the tea plantation. It was more for a pretty picture than really for having something to do, because there was nothing to do. When we wanted to get home we got stuck in the traffic. It took three hours to get there and it took more than 5 hours to get to the hotel again. After all that sitting and waiting in the car everybody wanted to do something for themselves. So I immediately grabbed the laptop and gone to the lobby.

I hope I will tell you tomorrow about the family day that we’re going to have.

first day pictures:

Second days pictures:
Will come later. It won't work right now, as I want it to work.

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