woensdag 11 juli 2012

Here we are!

When I'm writing this, I still hear the city loud and clear. It’s around half past nine in the evening, here in Indonesia. We don’t have internet jet, so when you read this it will probably be the next day.(It is) We flew the whole day. The first flight was to Dubai and from there we went to Jakarta. A cousin, from my mom, picked us up at the airport, he showed us a little bit of the big city and then brought us to a restaurant. I have to say, I was forgotten how good the food here tastes! Then he brought us to are hotel and the view is amazing! It is that I can’t make a good picture jet. But when I have a good picture you guys are the first who will see it.

That is what I wrote yesterday.

I have to say, I still can’t make a good picture of the view. So that has to wait, today is a sort rest day and recovering from the jetlag. We went to the mall, let me check the name for you, Mal Taman Anggrek. We haven’t seen that much in there, that was a bit my fault, I got a problem with getting over my jetlag. So we went back to the hotel and now everybody is asleep. Right now it is around three o’clock, but everybody is tired. I’m going to sleep for a little bit as well, so for today this was it.
 On are way to the first plane.

 My brother in the seat in front of me.

 My view.

And we are there!

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