zaterdag 21 juli 2012

so much

Let me think what I need to tell you....

first real day in Yogyakarta:

I already told that we had a day off so I did nothing. Just reading, watching and a little bit walking through the Malioboro.

Borobudur day:

This whole vacation is an amazing experience the only downside right now is, in the morning there is breakfast from 6 till 10. So I can’t really sleep till noon if I want to have breakfast. That day was no different, we got up early and took the taxi to the Borobudur. My dad told me that when he and my mom were there twenty years ago there were no trees around it and there were still a lot of stones around the place because they weren’t finished building yet. Well when we came there nothing of what my dad said I saw back. There were trees and no stones around the area, at least not so much.

We also went to the Ramajana. That is a Javanese dance show in which they tell a story about a princess how got kidnapped by an evil monkey king and then get rescued, basically. Of course they tell much more but I was busy shooting photo’s so I haven’t really got an idea what really happened and what was important.


Yesterday we went to the Prambanan and we already saw that the day before, but then only the back and from far. It was a shame that we couldn’t really get in much of the temples because of an earthquake a few years ago. But it was still an amazing place. That night, when I was in the shower there was an electricity failure, it was funny because my brother gave a little scream.


We went searching for some silver beads for my aunt Josephien. That was pretty hard….  They had everything in silver accept from beads. After a long time searching my mom found them. The rest of the day we did nothing. It begins to be feeling more and more like a vacation. Tomorrow I can sleep till noon and then get some breakfast in one of the malls, just around the corner.

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