zondag 29 juli 2012

long time no see

I know, I know. I should tell you guys sooner that we already been to Salatiga and right now we make sure that we got everything so we can go to Bali. We are now in Surabaya. I have to say that there wasn’t much to tell you so that was what kept me from posting.

 Monday 23 July:

We gone from Yogyakarta with a little bus to Salatiga. Salatiga is the hometown of my grandparents. You could feel that my grandparents were looking forward to seeing their hometown. In the car they couldn’t stop talking about the past. The first impression of the hotel was, beautiful. You see this amazing chandelier(we have pictures).
Tuesday 24 July:
Some more family came for my grandpa and grandma. My brother, my mother, my dad and I went for a swim in the pool. The pool was empty except for us. The hotel was almost empty. At least that was how it looked like. I didn’t mind. The sun was shining, I was completely burned, but I loved swimming and sunning.

Wednesday 25 July:
It was the birthday of my dad. We wanted to celebrated it with cake and dinner. But the cake didn’t happen, he didn’t got a present yet because I forgot it at home…. Woops. But he did had a nice dinner and at the end of the day he told me that he had a good birthday. Just doing nothing. He hadn’t done that for a while, so he was pleased that he could do that on his birthday.

Thursday 26 July:
We needed to wake up earlier than we ever had to before. Because we were going to Surabaya. But we didn’t go with a plane but with a car. Only the drive from Salatiga to Surabaya was more than 8 hours. Because of the uneven road you couldn’t even sleep in the car. So to make a long story very short, we were tired when we got to the hotel in Surabaya.

Friday 27 July:
We gone to the mall with a funny little bus, a local bus. It was such a nice experience. I think that something so simple could be my favourite experience. It was by the way the biggest mall in Surabaya. You could definitely see that. My dad and I are really crazy about a game on the android. It’s that you need to guess the brands. Now, right there we could find almost all of the brands. We had allot of fun just window shopping and finding the brands we didn’t knew.

Saturday 28 July:
We got again some family visits. This was the last time but it was also one of the greatest. I really got to know a few people. Which was surprising because with the other family visits they all talked Indonesian, which I don’t understand. But this time allot of them talked in English so I could follow what they were talking about.

Sunday 29 July:
And then the time in Surabaya was over. In the evening we took a flight to Bali. There is nothing more to tell you…

Monday 30 July:

I know it’s still in the morning but I wanted to tell you how my awakening gone. After a good night rest I woke up with the sound of rain. There was no sun yet and I taught to myself, please don’t do this to me. Please let this be just ones. Right now the sun shines a little bit but not fully. So I’m a  bit scared that this wouldn’t be the last time that it rains here.  

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