dinsdag 17 juli 2012


I will start telling you guys what happened over here in Indonesia.

 Family day:

Saturday we had a family meeting in Jakarta. I have to admit that I forgot most of the names already, so I can’t say who was there. But we met at the house of one of the aunts. It was such a pretty house from what I saw. There was already food on the table for the lunch and it smelled so good(yes, food was the first thing I needed to tell you).  The surprising thing was that there were actually people how could talk Dutch. My dad and mom already told me that there were some people how could speak Dutch, that’s from during the Dutch occupation. We sung and I got to know a few people how I called themselves aunts and uncles even though I heard later they weren’t really related.


The next day we drove to Bandung. Shang drove with us and his children. It was their last day of the vacation so they wanted to have something special. We ate at some sort of open air food court. Everybody had something different and we put it all on the table. You could take whatever you wanted. It was really good(and again I’m talking about food…). It was funny to be stared at, because of the fact that I am white and a redhead.

 The next day at Bandung:

In the evening we went to a good friend of the family. She is very old and has this big house with a restaurant connected. She got more restaurants under her possession. She was very friendly, still there wasn’t much for me to do because she couldn’t understand Dutch and she only talked to my grandma and grandpa.


Today we needed to pack again, because we went to the airport. When we got there(way to early), we heard that the plane had been delayed. So we were stuck on the airport for more than 3 hours. I survived by watching non-stop the TV episodes were I am addicted to the last few days, Merlin.

So that’s it for so far, tomorrow we got a day off. Just doing nothing, swimming and relaxing.
The foto's will not load so also today I can't show you pictures.

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